MTM-USBStem: USB Microcontroller Module

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MTM USBStem Module
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  • The MTM-USBStem link module is part of Acroname's MTM series. It features a wide range of IO capabilities making this an ideal module for controlling test environments. This module features a USB link, enabling communication between a host PC and any module on the BrainStem bus.

  • Manufactured By - Acroname Inc.



The MTM-USBStem is a BrainStem link module and part of Acroname's Manufacturing Test Module (MTM) system. It allows a USB connection to a host PC which may be used for test direction, control and data collection. It may also be used to load reflex programs to MTM or BrainStem modules for PC-free operation.

The MTM-USBStem is an important part of Acroname's Manufacturing Test Module (MTM) system.  It features IO interfaces, including general purpose IO, 12-bit analog inputs (A2D/ADC), a 10-bit digital to analog converter (DAC), serial UART ports, a BrainStem I2C FM+ (1 Mbit/s) bus and a peripheral I2C FM (400 kbit/s) bus.

With the upstream USB connection on its industry-standard edge connector, the MTM-USBStem is designed to allow even complex and dense test stations to connect to a PC, using just one cable and daisy-chaining as many MTM modules as needed. This makes for rapid and error free station bring-up.


  • Cross-platform driver support (Mac OS X, Linux and Windows)
  • 3 analog to digital input at 12-bit resolution
  • 1 digital to analog output at 10-bit resolution
  • 15 general purpose digital inputs/outputs
  • 1 I2C FM+ (1 Mbit/s) (used as the BrainStem bus)
  • 1 I2C FM (400 kbit/s)
  • User, link, power and heartbeat LEDs
  • 2 UART serial ports
  • 1 upstream USB connection on PCI connector
  • 1 upstream mini-B type USB connector
  • uSD slot for additional storage
  • Bridge from USB to I2C bus transactions
  • Realtime clock
  • Bulk capture mode for analog inputs
  • 6V to 12V DC input power
  • 3.3V input/output voltage
  • All input/outputs protected upto 12V input
  • 0 to 70˚C ambient operating temperature

Manufacturing Test Module System (MTM)

The MTM-USBStem is part of Acroname's Manufacturing Test Module (MTM) system. Each module in the MTM series is ruggedized and designed to survive the rigors of CM or OEM manufacturing environments around the world. Pin interfaces are protected against reverse polarity and over voltage connections are designed to operate from 0˚C to 70˚C ambient, with no external cooling or fans. As a BrainStem Spindle, the MTM-USBStem module provides a BrainStem link to connect to a host PC or network. It can also operate independently by running embedded, user-defined programs based on the BrainStem reflex language.

Every MTM module utilizes the BrainStem API for C++ host-based applications and the BrainStem reflex API which closely emulates the C++ API. Each module also features a self-discovery and notification system, allowing embedded and host based applications to determine the module's capabilities and programmatically control and direct communication between modules on the BrainStem network.

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