MTM-IO-Serial: Software Controlled USB Hub

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MTM IO Serial
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  • The MTM-IO-Serial module is part of Acroname's MTM series. It features adjustable rail GPIO ports, high current drivers, software controlled USB 2.0 hub and serial UART ports, all controlled by BrainStem technology.

  • Manufactured By - Acroname Inc.



As part of Acroname's MTM series, the MTM-IO-Serial module is a key component to manufacturing test systems for electronic devices using a standard USB 2.0 interface, serial UARTs and one or more interface voltages. The MTM-IO-Serial module features a software controlled USB hub (USB 2.0 high-speed) with four controllable channels. Each channel has switched data and 500mA current-limited power lines. With dedicated USB downstream and upstream channels, MTM-IO-Serial modules can scale with simple PCB daisy-chaining; only one cable needed to connect up to 100 devices.

The module also provides four high speed serial UART interfaces which require no specialized driver or kernel extensions. Serial UART data rate limits vary, based on the host operating system, but most systems support up to 230400 bps. The serial UARTs are grouped into two groups of independent, software adjustable voltage rails. This configuration allows the MTM-IO-Serial module to be used to interface to devices-under-test (DUTs) which use two different voltage planes. For example, many modern cell phones have application-processors running at one voltage and a radio or baseband processor running at a different voltage. MTM-IO-Serial allows these types of complex devices to be tested without complicated and flaky level shifters in the test fixture control board. The serial UART lines can be disabled and put into a "Hi-Z" state to prevent back-powering or browning-out a device-under-test.

With four digital input/output pins connected to each adjustable rail, the MTM-IO-Serial module is the "central hub" for controlling and interfacing with DUTs in automated functional test (FCT) and in-circuit test (ICT). There are also auxiliary 100mA current limited voltage supplies from the two adjustable rails and a fixed 5.0V rail. These rails may be used to ensure the exact equality of interface voltage planes or to even power low powered DUTs or additional test circuitry.


  • 2 banks of 4 adjustable rail GPIO ports
  • 1 fixed, high-current 5.0V output (current limited to 100mA)
  • 2 independent 1.65V-5.0V adjustable high-current outputs (current limited to 100mA)
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports (software controlled Hi-Z disable)
  • 4 adjustable rail serial UART ports (2 per adjustable rail, software controlled Hi-Z disable)
  • 1 BrainStem I2C FM+ (1 Mbit/s) bus

Manufacturing Test Module System (MTM)

The MTM-IO-Serial module is a part of Acroname's Manufacturing Test Module (MTM) system. Each module in the MTM series is ruggedized and designed to survive the rigors of CM or OEM manufacturing environments around the world. Pin interfaces are protected against reverse polarity and over voltage connections are designed to operate from 0˚C to 70˚C ambient, with no external cooling or fans. As a BrainStem Spindle, the MTM-IO-Serial module can utilize any BrainStem link module to connect to a host PC or network. It can also operate independently by running embedded user-defined programs based on the BrainStem reflex language.

Every MTM module utilizes the BrainStem API for C++ host-based applications and the BrainStem reflex API which closely emulates the C++ API. Each module also features a self-discovery and notification system, allowing embedded and host based applications to determine the module's capabilities and programmatically control and direct communication between modules on the BrainStem network.

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