USBStem 1.0 Module

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BrainStem USBStem $79.00 microcontroller cross platform
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  • The BrainStem™ USBStem module is a general purpose embedded I/O module with USB 2.0 support. Cross platform USB drivers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X are supplied by Acroname.

  • Manufactured By - Acroname Inc.
  • S35-USBSTEM-1



  • Cross-platform driver support (Mac OS X, Linux and Windows)
  • 3 analog inputs at 12-bit resolution
  • 10 general purpose digital inputs/outputs
  • I2C Fast Mode Plus (1 Mbit) support
  • User, Link, power and heartbeat LEDs
  • 2 UART serial ports
  • uSD slot for additional storage
  • Bridge from USB to I2C bus transactions
  • Realtime clock
  • Bulk capture mode for analog inputs
  • Small footprint (50.8mm x 30.48mm x 14.03mm)

Software Development

The USBStem has a BrainStem™ 2.0 kernel (internal OS) allowing the modules to operate as a host-driven slave device and/or run reflexive actions simultaneously. All BrainStem™ USB 1.0 modules can be networked with other BrainStem™ modules across the I2C bus at speeds up to 1Mbit.

A high level C++ software interface is supported for high level software development. BrainStem™ USBStem modules are supported on Windows, Mac OS X (10.7+) and Linux with 32 bit and 64 bit drivers.

USBStem Downloads*

BrainStem™ SupportIncludes aConsole, aUpdater, aUpdateTool, aSymonym, arc Reflex Compiler and C/C++ API example code. The aUpdater application or aUpdateTool command line utility can be used to update firmware on your USBStem module.
BrainStem™ USB DriversKernel Drivers for a variety of Operating Systems required for USBStem Link management.
BrainStem™ ReferenceAn offline version of the BrainStem™ Reference that can be downloaded.
*Downloads are available through the Acroname Download Center which requires a free membership. Downloads are updated regularly for all products.