3A Low Voltage H-Bridge

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S17-3A-LV-HBRIDGE $80.00 H-Bridge 3A high efficiency Digital Brake Input Digital Status Output Acroname H-Bridge Standard


Product Details

This extremely efficient Acroname H-Bridge interfaces with common Maxon and Falhauber motors. It was used in the Garcia robot for smooth and controlled motion.

This bridge also includes current sense/limits and high frequency switching capacity.


Supply Voltage 3.6V to 12.0V*
Continuous Output Current 3.5A
Logic Supply Voltage -0.5V to 5.5V
Power Dissipation 3W
MOSFET Temperature Range-25°C to +100°C
Ambient Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C
Inputs TTL and CMOS compatible
PWM Output Frequency 2.4 - 50kHz

*Alternate assembly allows 0 V to 3.5 V operation


  • Less than 250 mΩ resistance
  • No "shoot-through" current
  • Analog current monitor output
  • Digital status output
  • Digital brake input
  • Over current and under voltage shutdown
  • Quadrature encoder pass through with pull-up resistors
  • Integrated connector for combined motor/encoder
  • Conforms to the Acroname H-Bridge standard

Product Assets

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S17-3A-LV-HBRIDGE_datasheet.pdf Product Datasheet Download