Serial UART Interface Connector

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Serial Interface Connector S13-SERIAL-INT-CONN $11.75 TTL to RS-232 TTL Logic Power 5V and 3.3V tolerant
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  • This connector converts a serial or UART signal from TTL to RS-232 levels. Included are indicator LEDs for host serial power and TTL logic power.

  • Manufactured By - Acroname Inc.



  • TTL or CMOS to RS232 level shifter
  • 5V and 3.3V TTL tolerant
  • RS232 Serial on standard DB9 female connector
  • Host connection status LED
  • Power status LED

RS232 Level Shifter

The S13 is a general purpose RS232 level shifter intended for use in connecting low voltage TTL or CMOS (3.3.V or 5V) devices like microcontrollers to standard RS232 serial ports on PCs or other similar systems. 


The CTS and RTS lines are connected and exposed, though not used by the 4-pin BrainStem connector. These can be wired separately for other uses in your application.


The S13 RS232 level shifter is powered by the low voltage UART side. While specified to operate between 3.3V and 5.0V, our testing shows it to work down to ~2.5V (though we don't guarantee this). An internal charge pump generates positive and negative rails for the RS232 side of the shifter. The table below shows the RS232 voltages and current consumption for a range of low voltage rail. All RS232 voltages are within the RS232 specification. Current consumption measurements are for reference only and may vary significantly from device to device. Average loads are for low rate continuous 1/0 transmission at 50% duty-cycle.

S13 Level Shifter Voltages

Input VoltageRS232 Peak-to-peak VoltageRS232 VoltagesMin. CurrentPeak CurrentAverage Current

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