3A Back-EMF H-Bridge

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3A Back EMF H-Bridge S11-3A-EMF-HBRIDGE H-Bridge 3amp EMF $47.00 quadrature encoder  National 18200 Back-EMF PWM Current Sense LMD
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  • This 3A H-Bridge is based on the LMD 18200 H-Bridge chip. It offers pass-through connections for quadrature encoders, fuse protection and an innovative Back-EMF velocity measurement circuit.

  • Manufactured By - Acroname Inc.


Product Overview

This H-Bridge driver incorporates a Back-EMF measurement circuit that allows you to determine motor speed without an encoder. The bridge is based on the National 18200 H-Bridge chip so it has very low resistance (0.4Ω).  It can handle continuous currents of 3A and bursts of up to 6A.


  • 3 Feedback Modes (Back-EMF, Current Sense and Quadrature)
  • Drives loads up to 27.5V
  • 3A continuous current
  • 6A momentary peak current
  • PWM frequency from 39,000-500,000 Hz

Product Assets

Name Notes File
S11-3A-EMF-HBRIDGE_datasheet.pdf Product Datasheet Download
S11-3A-EMF-HBRIDGE.igs 3D IGES CAD Model Download