MESA IMAGING SR4500 9M Ethernet 69°x55°

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Mesa Imaging SR4500 $4862.00 optical imaging system TOF Time of Flight 24V Mesa Imaging AG Swiss Ranger 69x55 R355-MESA-SR4500-69x55-FOV
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  • The SR4500 is an optical imaging system that provides real time distance data at video frame rates. Measurements are obtained using the time-of-flight (TOF) principle out to 9 meters with a 69x55 degree Field of View. This 24V powered device delivers information over Fast Ethernet transport to your host processor for interpretation and visualization.

  • Manufactured By - Mesa Imaging AG
  • R355-MESA-SR4500-69x55-FOV


Product Details

MESA Imaging's website has many helpful resources for understanding and using the SwissRanger imaging system, please check their website for more information.

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Package Contents

Included in the package are the sensor housed in an anodized aluminum enclosure, a 24V wall transformer power supply, a power cord, an ethernet cable, and a tripod adapter plate.

SR4500 Package Contents

SR4500 Package Contents

Drivers and Downloads

Drivers and software downloads are available through MESA Imaging's website. Driver downloads are available for Windows and Linux.


Maximum Framerate30 FPS
Pixel Array Size176 (h) x 144 (v)
Field of View69° (h) x 55° (v)
Pixel Pitch40 µm
Current0.5A nominal, 5.0A maximum

Product Assets

Name Notes File
SafetyGuidelines.pdf Mesa Imaging SR4500 Safety Guidelines Download
SR4000_SR4500_Manual.pdf Mesa Imaging SR4500 Manual Download
SR4500_DataSheet.pdf Mesa Imaging SR4500 Data Sheet Download
SR4500_69x55_FOV.igs 3D IGES CAD Model Download