Devantech SRF02 Ultrasonic Ranger

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Devantech SRF02 Devantech SRF05 Devantech SRF04 $20.00 sonar ultrasonic ranger Robot Electronics I2C serial interface
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  • An ultrasonic ranging module with both I2C and Serial interfaces. New AutoTune algorithms enable a 0 centimeter minimum range (in the background) with no calibration cycles necessary. Additional new commands allow for separate burst and ranging control.

  • Manufactured By - Devantech Ltd (Robot Electronics)
  • R287-SRF02


Product Details

Special SRF02 commands include the ability to send an ultrasonic burst without a reception cycle, plus the ability to perform a reception cycle without the preceding burst. For more information on this sensor please view the Technical Documentation.


Current4mA Typ
Minimum Range16cm
Maximum Range6m
UnitsRange reported in ┬ÁS, mm or inches
InterfaceI2C / Serial
Size24 x 20 x 17mm (0.94 x 0.79 x 0.67in)

Product Assets

Name Notes File
R287-SRF02.igs 3D IGES CAD Model Download
Product Information Technical Documentation