Devantech SRF05 Ultrasonic Ranger

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Devantech SRF05 Devantech SRF04 $22.00 sonar ultrasonic ranger Robot Electronics
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  • Recommended upgrade to the SRF04 sonar range finder. New features include an LED status indicator that blinks when the sonar fires as well as a single-wire mode of operation. The sensing range is out to 4 meters (13.12 ft). In almost all respects, this is a drop-in equivalent to the SRF04.

  • Manufactured By - Devantech Ltd (Robot Electronics)
  • R271-SRF05


Product Details

The SRF05 draws less current while increasing range over the SRF04.  For more information please refer to the Technical Documentation page for more information on the operation of this ranger. 


Current4mA typically
Minimum Range3cm
Maximum Range4m
Input Trigger10┬Ás minimum, TTL level pulse
Echo PulsePositive TTL level signal, proportional to range
Size43 x 20 x 17mm
Connection TypeDigital

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