USB BrainStem

Getting started with a BrainStem


This tutorial walks through the steps to toggle the user LED on a BrainStem Module using aStemTool.

Required Items

This tutorial was designed using the following items:

  • BrainStem Module
  • BrainStem Development Board
  • Link transport cable
  • BrainStem Support Package

A BrainStem Module and BrainStem Development Board can be purchased from the Acroname Store. The latest version of the BrainStem Support Package can be downloaded from the Acroname Download Page. Extract the package to the location of your choice when the download has finished.

Install Drivers

Drivers must be installed prior to working with the USBStem. Refer to the Driver Installation Guides for more information.

Connect the BrainStem

The BrainStem Module must be plugged into the BrainStem Development Board to receive power.  Once the BrainStem has been plugged into a development board it is safe to insert the link transport cable.  The red power LED should be on and the green heartbeat LED should flicker rapidly when power is first applied.

correct way to connect a brainstem

BrainStem Connections

Upgrade the firmware

Upgrading firmware on a BrainStem is easy and provides the newest features, optimizations and stability improvements. Acroname recommends always using the most up-to-date firmware. More information can be found on the BrainStem Firmware Management page.

Connect to BrainStem

Navigate to the aBinary folder of the BrainStem Support Package to find aStemTool.  A transport selection dialogue should appear when aStemTool is first opened.  Select the appropriate transport type to continue.

dialogue box to select appropriate link transport

Transport selection dialogue

Toggle LED

aStemTool will configure a UI with the appropriate controls for the BrainStem it is connected to.  Try toggling the User LED control while observing the BrainStem to see the results.

checkbox to toggle user led

User LED checkbox

If aStemTool is able to control the user LED then the BrainStem is working correctly.  Now try creating a C++ program to perform this same action.

Getting Started with the C++ API