USB BrainStem

Linux USB Driver Installation Guide


Ensure the BrainStem is not connected to your computer until the driver installation process has completed.

Installation Steps

  • Download BrainStem USB driver package
  • Compile and install drivers
  • Install udev rules

Download BrainStem USB Driver package

Get the latest version of the BrainStem USB Driver package from the Acroname Download Page. Extract the package to the location of your choice when the download has finished.

Compile and install drivers

The software package downloaded in the previous step contains a Makefile to assist in compiling and installing the BrainStem driver. Navigate to the drivers/ folder of the BrainStem USB Driver package that was downloaded in the previous step.
Type the following to compile and install the drivers:

$ make
$ sudo make install

Install udev rules

The BrainStem USB driver relies on a udev rule to assign the appropriate permissions to the device when it is enumerated.
Type the following to create the udev rule:

$ sudo make udev_rules

Successful Driver Installation

The following output should be displayed upon successful driver installation:

Driver installation completed successfully.

Uninstall the BrainStem Drivers

The BrainStem drivers can be uninstalled and the udev rules can be removed with the following command.

$ sudo make uninstall uninstall_rules